A personal way of teaching

lessons from my experiences

I create courses for game art and music for those that want the training to develop their skills as creators and gain insight into the lessons I have learned.

text-based courses

All my courses have a focus on text with photos to complement the material.

assets are free!

The final assets that I produce from these courses are free to use and can be used for personal projects and commercial projects.

my method of teaching


Taking ideas from real life is okay and an awesome way to get better at your artistic skills!

We will go through briefly looking at several reference photos / music tracks to study what we are trying to create!

let creativity run wild

From your keen observations, you'll learn the characteristics of what you want to build and start making your own themed assets.

I'll show you my process and my ideas on how to adapt to different terrain of 2D games through vector art.

have fun creating!

The ultimate goal of the tutorial packs are to help you create faster, stay creative, and most importantly, have fun!

Showcase: Sandy Desert

Learn how to create a desert


Vector Art Tutorial Pack - Sandy Desert
Guided intermediate tutorial for making stylized vector art for prototyping a...

want to get in touch?

Did you have any questions about a course or maybe you had some feedback? You can contact me at [email protected] 

I am excited you are checking the page out and I hope to chat with you soon! :)