Vector Art Tutorial Pack - Sandy Desert

learn how to create a desert!🌵

In this tutorial pack, I explore with you some of my techniques and ideas for making a desert-themed 2D platformer for your next prototype! Or maybe even your next commercial game :)

This tutorial pack contains:

  • 30+ decorative assets 
  • 7 terrain assets
  • 11 tutorials on how the assets were constructed

PNG files are available as sprite sheets and individual files as well. SVG files are also included that can be edited in any vector art program! 

pre-requisites 📚


  • Any vector based art program like Inkscape, corelDRAW, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator


  • A little familiarity with game engines and how to import your own assets into your own game engine
  • A little familiarity with basic art terminology like gradients and warm/cool colors

This course is aimed towards those beginners who have dabbled a little in making their own assets for game jams and such. If you are an absolute beginner at making game assets, or even any art for that matter, you may want to learn any of the tools mentioned above before hopping in! 

Free tools are available such as Inkscape, Vectr, and Gravit Free to help you get started with no cost at all!

chat with me! 💬

Once you purchase this tutorial pack, we can have a one-on-one session and you can ask me about anything about the tutorial pack, any feedback you would like me to give you on your art, or just to get to know me!

have any questions? 🤔

Everything you see in the promotional video is what you will be making for this tutorial pack! 

This asset pack is free for download on by the way! This tutorial is a way to support me so that I can create more content for creators like you!

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to contact me with any questions /business inquiries/feedback/funny jokes!

Email : [email protected]

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